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Meet Solomon Verduzco

Solomon Verduzco, born and raised in South Fresno, hails from a lineage of blue-collar workers and understands the value of hard work. With years of dedicated study in public policy, Solomon has emerged as a prominent political commentator and devoted community volunteer.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in the Science of Justice Studies, Solomon's educational journey is poised to continue with a future law school attendance, further strengthening his expertise. Solomon firmly believes that his purpose on Earth is to uplift those around him and foster community unity through the implementation of common-sense policies.

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Common Sense Policies for California 

Solomon is running for State Assembly District 31 with a mission to revive our once-great State. We know the negative effects that one-party rule has caused and it's time for a new generation of leaders to step forward and kickstart the California comeback


Lower the
Cost of Living

Solomon believes through tax cuts for the working class, the unleashing of California energy, and the revisiting of regulations, Californians will see economic success. Solomon’s policies also aim to lower the costs of and increase the availability of housing.  


Public Safety

As a south Fresno native, Solomon has seen the impacts of increased crime and homelessness. He understands the importance of supporting law enforcement and taking homelessness head-on by allocating resources strategically and addressing root causes like addiction and mental health. 


Improve Infrastructure

California is facing a physical decline when it comes to water infrastructure, roads, parks, electricity, and more, which highlights the need for a tailored improvement plan. Californians deserve clean water, safe roads, green parks, and a steady line of power.



Solomon knows the importance of California’s agriculture to the community, economy, and nation. Farmworkers and farmers must be protected and supported so they can continue to carry out their critical role in feeding the world. 


End Government Overreach

Far too often, Sacramento impedes our daily lives through aggressive regulations and out-of-touch policies. And now on the educational front, the state’s reckless decisions are impacting the lives of children in the classroom. That’s why Solomon strongly supports parental rights.

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